Our mission is to operationalize safety culture. We transform the practice of safety into a more effective and reliable process that drastically improves risk management and worker safety outcomes.

The intactix platform transforms safety theory into practical, real world methodologies and tools which are applied directly into the workplace.


Why intactix? Our solution unravels why industry leading safety systems, considerable resources, expertise, and government approved safety management recognition:
1. has failed to significantly decrease serious and catastrophic incidents, and
2. well respected and sophisticated organizations continue to be blindsided by serious incidents.

Our platform is built to understand traditional safety and its failure points, and create new methodologies to embrace risk management as a substitute for traditional safety methodologies.
We have researched and validated that there is a critical disconnect between current safety practices and what we know. This is best summed up in industry leading research by Dr. Mathilde Bourrier: “The Legacy of the High Reliability Organization Project” March 2011

There is a wide gap between the level of knowledge published and debated in the academic circles on these issues and the level of knowledge transfer that has actually occurred from these circles to the industry or regulatory circles.
Hopkins (2001, p 72) is right when he observes that this is not just a theoretical debate. There are practical consequences for the way we go about accident prevention.



Intactix provides companies with an evidentiary-based solution that will operationalize your safety culture so that it is:
1. Simple
2. Operationally focused
3. Cost effective, and
4. Drives impactful results

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Information on the software and services we provide as well as case studies on organizations that have successfully implemented our procedures

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