Intactix Systems is a software and solutions company setting a new standard of health and safety excellence by providing simple, effective, and verifiable solutions that protect organizations against loss and allows them to engage and retain the best workforce.

Products & Solutions



WCB Claims

Target Zero is a turnkey, web-based system that eliminates the frustration of managing claims and puts the control back into the hands of the employer. Developed from 22 years of WCB expertise involving more than 10,000 case file reviews, Target Zero is the only simple, easy-to-use software designed to manage WCB claims to ZERO time loss.
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Target care allows hiring clients to evaluate and monitor the ongoing effectiveness of subcontractor safety culture and performance. It drives continuous improvement and accountability not by measuring “what” or “how many” but rather “how well it is done” and the “level of engagement” toward safety excellence.
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Risk Management

Simplify your safety process, focus on what matters, and drive accountability and execution. Increase worker engagement and safety performance without adding any paperwork or changing fundamental processes. Make your safety program truly supportive of operations and aligned with your overall corporate goals.
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Intactix does not believe in standard industry answers. We know that specific solutions yield the greatest competitive advantage and value to our clients. We leverage proprietary tools and methods to integrate safety with operations and instill safety as a value from the C-suite to the front line.
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