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Operationalizing Safety Culture and Enabling Leadership Excellence

Intactix Solutions provides an evidentiary based solution founded upon socio-technical science, system theory and high reliability organization research to operationalize safety culture and achieve high operational performance.


There is a wide gap between the level of knowledge published and debated in the academic circles on these issues and the level of knowledge transfer that has actually occurred from these circles practical consequences for the way we go about accident prevention” [25]


Intactix’s has transformed the science into a three-day syllabus with practical on-the-ground tactics designed to achieve success in actualizing the pillars of a high reliability (performance) organization.
Day 1
  • Shredding conventional safety indoctrination
    • Operationalizing safety culture
    • Socio-technical science
  • Use of sufficiently anchored behaviour system competencies
  • Understanding risked-based safety process measures
  • Socio-technical evaluation results
Day 2
  • Understanding incident causation – human and organizational factors
  • Organizational learning framework
  • Achieving the ONE objective
  • Success is won or lost with frontline leadership
  • Psycho-social tools
Day 3
  • The difference between reacting and responding
  • Psychological safety
    • Bad business
    • Bullying and Harassment
  • Redefining leadership (myths and reality)
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence competencies
  • Techniques for improving competencies
  • Personal development plan
  • Organizational support strategies

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

This grant reimbursed companies for two-thirds of the training costs (if approved) Note, we can in no way guarantee government grant approval. However, grant approval is probable given the nature of the training in that it goes beyond organisational benefits to positively impact Canadian society with:
  1. Protection of people & planet
  2. Contributes to increased productivity and economic returns
Note: EQi assessments are not covered under the grant.