Our Team

Paul Poscente

M.A. (Econ.) – Chairman

Paul is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business with a specific focus on articulating the organization’s vision and developing strategies for achieving that vision. He has developed his vision for safety not as an HSE professional but rather from the C-suite of a variety of safety sensitive businesses. He has successfully built and run 2 production and exploration companies as well as a national construction services conglomerate.

“I bring a unique perspective on the effectiveness of safety performance having been responsible not only for the production and financial goals of the corporation but literally the lives of hundreds of employees.  Having both safety success and tragedy allows me to bring real world experience to solutions for our clients.”

Rob Stewart

MBPsS – Occupational Psychology, President, Director

A thought leader in the safety industry, Rob has been applying the practical application of theory to the complex systems and culture surrounding safety for over 20 years. In particular, he has been examining why, despite all the talent and resources, we have failed to significantly decrease serious injuries and fatalities. He has spent a decade researching and testing traditional safety and its failure points, and creating new models for risk management. His initial exposure to the safety field was as a WCB case worker in Alberta where he experienced firsthand the devastation that failed safety has on the lives of injured workers and their families.

“The issues hindering safety performance are global in nature. It is a people problem. By tapping into “what’s in it for me” we can create an environment where everyone cares and are intrinsically motivated to achieve excellence.”

Jason Matthison

CFA, B.Com., Director

Jason is responsible for working with the executive on strategy and heading up business development and sales. Jason brings over 15 years of corporate expertise in such diverse areas such as manufacturing, wholesaling, private equity, and financial services. His breadth of entrepreneurial experience and interpersonal skills are invaluable in developing an in-depth understanding of our clients and providing the right solutions to meet their needs. He is a past president of the Calgary Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and the past Regional Director for EO Canada.

“My experience in working around the globe has allowed me to understand and recognize the uniqueness of each corporate culture. Providing simple effective solutions that builds cultural excellence is my goal for each of our clients”.

Madelynn Matthews

B.Psyc., B.A., M.Sc., PCC – Operating Partner

Madelynn is a PH.D candidate and principal at Samsara Consulting. Samsara creates and implements culture assessments and interventions that evaluate all levels of a company’s safety culture. Her research is focused on safety culture as it relates to organizational effectiveness. She has been able to create a proprietary standard for culture assessment. Working in an exclusive partnership with Intactix, Madelynn brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the implementation team. She ensures the corporation is armed with the most update and cutting edge thinking, theories and practices from around the world.

Etienne Johnson

B.ED – Performance Specialist

With 10 years experience in post-secondary program development, Etienne has a unique perspective essential to company success. He is currently responsible for program development, client satisfaction, partner training, and technical sales. He honed his knowledge in the safety industry as part of the management team at Pragmatic Solutions Ltd. While at Pragmatic, Etienne was responsible for various functions from sales and marketing to competency development. Etienne has also instructed numerous organizations in the proper self-management of their WCB claims.

Mike Claussen

Performance Specialist

Mike was first exposed to the challenges facing the safety profession while working at Teck Cominco. During this time he was actively involved in mine rescue, emergency response teams and a member of the joint company/union safety committee. He later became the safety manager at Standens Limited. His passion for keeping safety simple and the need for a mechanism to drive and accelerate the development of an “enduring safety performance” program, led him to joining Rob Stewart at Pragmatic Solutions Ltd. in September of 2000. He excels at ensuring our products meet the highest quality standards possible and develops new content based on best practices.